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About FACT

A partnership for excellence
On Nile University’s track for excellence, it partnered with FESTO as a world leader in the field of automation and mechatronics with accumulated expertise and know-how developed in Germany for over 75 years serving global multi-national industry effectively to create a FESTO Certified and Authorized Training facility at Nile University in Cairo which is considered one of their select centres that exists through the globe.  This knowledge and know-how are being customized to fulfil the Egyptian industrial needs to provide industry tailored human technical development in the field of automation and Mechatronics.

FESTO with 15,800 employees represented in 178 countries worldwide has been providing automation components for industrial applications since more than 75 years. The decisive element of FACT is that the Nile University in Cairo has been authorized by FESTO to offer expertise and know-how to the free market under the FESTO brand. Either for students – called Training for Employability or the Industry – called Training for Productivity.

The FACT advantages are numerous:

  • Highly efficient because the training is competency based
  • International standard training facilities
  • Relevant to the demands of the local Industry today and in the future
  • Use of industrial equipment
  • Guaranteed FESTO quality and standard
  • FESTO certificate on successful completion of training
  • Increase productivity by closing know-how gaps
  • Training for Employability and Productivity

Training Facilities
Basic Technologies of Mechatronics training is the very first step of education and training in Automation Technology. To be able to think and act within a networked system, the basic technologies must be fully understood. All aspects of Pneumatics can be trained in this lab. Pneumatics as part of Fluidics is an essential technology in the industrial reality. Air is clean, fast, easy to transport and store.

Fully Automation representing the material- and signal flow throughout the entire manufacturing and packaging process in the Industry. To be able to handle fully automated systems, the level of Partly Automation has to be understood.

Partly Automation is divided in 2 sections:
Factory Automation Is the handling of solid work-pieces throughout the entire manufacturing and packaging process, by means of in each step of the process the shape, dimension, orientation and material is known.

Process Automation is the control of all flowing materials, such as fluids, gas or powdery material, manual or automated processes i.e. the production, transportation, treatment and disposal. Mostly closed loop controllers are used within the Process Technology.

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