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CNC Advanced / ISO G-Code Language - According to FANUC Series 21 Lathe and Mill

Code:                CNC 421

Short description: 

CNC machines are one of the most important equipment used in industry to produce parts. This workshop will provide the necessary know-how based on hands-on training on real industrial equipment upon the ISO G-Code language, FANUC variant.


  • Brief introduction about the ISO G-Code language for advanced programs: tool compensations, coordinate system management, main and sub program, cycles.
  • Principles of ISO G-Code FANUC 21 structured program.
  • Set of instructions for tool length and radius compensation for lathe and milling machines.
  • How to start and how to close the tool compensation inside a NC program.
  • The User Coordinates System: how to set and how to change it inside a program.
  • How to write a main program and how to write a sub program.
  • The combination of main and sub programs for repeating a job for an exact number of items; how to call a sub program.
  • The combination of main, sub programs and User Coordinate Systems.
  • The set of cycles included for Milling operations.
  • The set of cycles included for Turning operations.
  • Samples according to FANUC Series 21.

Competencies:    The participant.…

  • understands the basics on how to write a structured program for a CNC Machine equipped with FANUC Series 21 Numerical Control
  • understands how to control the System of Coordinates inside a NC program
  • understands how to control the tools dimensions inside a NC program
  • is able to start and stop in the right way the tools dimensions compensation within turning or milling NC programs
  • knows the structure and the syntax to create a main or a sub program according to ISO G-Code FANUC Series 21
  • knows how to call a sub program inside a main program or another sub program
  • knows how many sub program levels can be used
  • knows the set of standard cycles for Milling operations
  • knows the set of standard cycles for Turning operations
  • is able to simulate the tool path and understand it

Prerequisites:      Basic CNC technology
Duration:               3 days

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