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Training & Consulting

Title Order No. Code Length
Introduction to Control T echnology FACT-INT101-1012 I NT101 3 days
Pneumatics FACT-PNB111-1012 PNB111 3 days
Electro-Pneumatics Basic FACT-EPB121-1012 EPB121 3 days
Electro-Pneumatics Advanced and Safety FACT-EPA122-1012 EPA122 3 days
PLC Programming Basic FACT-PL C131-1012 PLC131 3 days
FA - Introduction to Automation and Mechatronics FACT-INT201-1012 I NT201 3 days
FA - Commissioning and Trouble Shooting FACT-ICT211-1012 ICT211 3 days
FA - PLC Programming Advanced FACT-PL C232-1012 PLC232 3 days
PA - PLC Programming Higher Functions FACT-PL C233-1012 PLC233 3 days
PA - Closed Loop Control in Process Automation FACT-CL C241-1012 CLC241 3 days
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