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Introduction to Automation and Mechatronics

Code: INT 201

Short description:
This training module introduces the 4 important tasks which are required in the Industry - Installation & Commissioning, Programming, Communication and Maintenance & Trouble Shooting.


  • Planning to set-up a Flexibel Manufacturing System - FMS
  • Installation and Commissioning of the FMS
  • Test the entire material- and signal flow through the FMS
  • Function of a PLC in general and of the ML 1500 in particular
  • Structure of a PLC program
  • Project solutions for the single FMS stations in Ladder Diagram
  • Theory about Industrial Communication in general and I/O in particular
  • Theory about the 3-phases of Trouble Shooting
  • Trouble Shooting within the entire FMS process

Competencies: The participant ...

  • the four tasks required by the Industry
  • is able to plan a project according to a workpiece description
  • is able to set-up a networked system
  • is able to adjust mechanical, electrical and pneumatic components
  • understands the basic principals of a PLC
  • is able to plan, edit and test project solutions with PLC´s
  • understands the 3 levels of industrial communication
  • understands the difference between Maintenance and Trouble Shooting
  • is able to detect errors, limitate errors and eliminate errors professionally

Prerequisites: No prerequisites required

Duration: 3 days

Order Number: FACT-INT201_1012

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