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PLC programming Higher Functions

Code: PLC 233

Short description:
As a preparation of controlling analogue signals and closed loop Process Automation equipment, we have to work-out the know-how in Word processing, arithmetic functions of a PLC and analogue in- and output control first. This workshop is providing that know-how using our high sophisticated Process Automation Workstations.


  • Functions of the MPS PA Workstations
  • Components - specification and function
  • Definition of the input and output addresses
  • Absolute and symbolic addressing
  • Theory of analogue inputs and normalization
  • Arithmetic functions of the PLC - theory and exercises
  • Project using analogue inputs and normalization to the process variable
  • Project using analogue outputs and normalization to the process variable
  • Plan, edit and test of a 2-step controller

Competencies: The participant ...

  • understands the difference between binary, analogue and digital signal
  • knows the function of components used in Process Automation
  • understands the difference between absolute and symbolic addressing
  • knows the theory of analogue in- and outputs of a PLC
  • is able to plan, edit and test projects using analogue signals
  • is able to plan, edit and test normalization of analogue signals
  • is able to plan, edit and test a 2-step controller

Prerequisites: Completion of PLC 131 and/or PLC 232

Duration: 3 days

Order Number: FACT-PLC233-1012

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